June 10, 2016

Have you given thought to the food you put in your mouth?  When we go shopping, the catchy, colorful packaging grabs our attention and piques our interest.  Advertisers spend million of dollars luring unsuspecting shoppers into choosing their products.  Nothing is left to chance.     Most of the processed food you find in your grocery store have been striped of all their vitamins and minerals and replaced with synthetic ingredients meant to prolong their shelf life.  The fancy packaging boast all of the potential health benefits. But wait!  They forgot to mention that they removed all those essential nutrients.  Then, they added sweeteners, colors, flavors, and preservatives that many believe may be behind much of our disease.

      There's a whole array of new products that are gluten and dairy free, non-GMO, and organic.  However, you must still read the labels, and know what you're buying.  Pick products with the least amount of ingredie...

June 2, 2016

I have a passion for living life intentionally, and I want to help everyone I know do the same.  Over the past few years, I've seen so many friends and family members including a brother die of cancer or develop life threatening diseases.  I just couldn't accept the fact that "it was just their time to go".  I believe that food & lifestyle play a major part in all the illness we see in our world today.

I wanted to make a difference but didn't know how.  I kept coming across information about a unique school, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition,  dedicated to helping people understand the connection between what we eat, how we work, play, believe, and their effect on our health.  This made so much sense, and for the first time, I felt that maybe I could make a difference.

My passion has only grown as I've realized that I can pass that knowledge onto to others.  I have also learned  a lot about myself , but my journey has only just begun. I hope yo...

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April 21, 2018

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