October 26, 2016

We typically don't think about breathing unless we can't catch our breath, and then it's quite frightening.

Research is showing there are tremendous benefits following the practice of deep breathing. Are any of these worth you making this a daily habit?

Deep Breathing may be able to:

Reduce stress and blood pressure
Strengthen abdominal and intestinal muscles
Relieve aches & pains
Promote better blood flow
Help promote better sleep
Release toxins from the body
Promote cheerful disposition
Help restore balance to the mind & body
Increase energy
Reduce anxiety, fear, and depression
Create a sense of calm
Slow down the heart rate

Place your hand on your stomach, and inhale deeply through your nose. As you breathe in, feel your belly rise and expand. Hold your breath for a few seconds before release air slowly through your mouth and contracting your abdominal muscles. It does take practice to develop this technique, but in time it will become natural. Try to do twice a day for 3-5 minu...

October 16, 2016

Sometimes in the midst of a problem, we can be overwhelmed and wonder why God placed us there. He knows exactly what He’s doing. We’ve each been given a place in life and each one looks different. Unfortunately, we’re often looking at the other person’s life thinking that they got the better deal. We’ve all heard that “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” but how many of us do that?

In San Francisco, Lombard Street is called “the windiest street in the world”. It’s on an extremely steep hill. Who would have ever thought you could grow anything on it, let alone, build million dollar homes there. Out of a useless piece of land someone thought outside of the box. It is beautifully landscaped with thousands of flowers and bushes. Each year tourists walk or drive slowly down this curvy street taking in the breathtaking views of the city. 

Whether by poor decisions or through no fault of your own, you may feel like you're been dealt a bad hand. Do you find yourself wondering about what...

October 9, 2016

Pride is a dangerous thing. It leads to destruction, and God hates and detests it. Some may wonder, "Shouldn't we be proud of what we've accomplished?" I think the issue is who gets the credit for our accomplishments. Now you might think "Wasn't it me who worked hard and made the dream come to life?"

I'm reminded of the story of the Potter and the clay in the Bible. We're the lump of clay--lifeless and useless. God is the Potter. It's not until the Potter molds and makes us into something special that we have any purpose. The clay doesn't form itself. Without the Potter, the clay is nothing. Whether we recognize or acknowledge God as the Potter does not change the fact that He is the creator of all things. Just as we might rave about a painting in a museum, it's the talented artist that created the masterpiece that deserves the acclaim.

We get into trouble when we resist His shaping and attempt to mold ourself. God had a plan for your life before you were ever born. Ps. 139: 13-14 sa...

October 7, 2016

Your mother probably told you to eat your fruits and vegetables. She was right. Well, it's not that easy anymore. Much of our produce is now sprayed with chemicals. In order to avoid this dilemma, I try to buy organic. However, it's not only impossible sometimes, but it can also be out of your budget.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) puts out two lists they call the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen. Items on the list vary from year to year based on farming practices. The Dirty Dozen is a list of the 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide residue. The Clean Fifteen are the 15 fruits and vegetables with the least amount of pesticide residue. 

I will spend the extra money to buy organic produce for items listed on the Dirty Dozen and I'll buy conventional for the items on the Clean Fifteen list. Sometimes I will buy conventional of items on the Dirty Dozen list, but only produce that I can soak in white vinegar. I have also made a safe non-toxic spray from lemon...

October 6, 2016

1.  Get a good night's sleep. Though every body is different, it is recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of good sleep in order to wake refreshed. During sleep, your body releases hormones that regulate functions like metabolism, appetite control, how you'll handle stress, and more.

2.  Diet is crucial. Take out (or at least reduce) the processed foods, unhealthy fats (like vegetable oil and margarine), sweet foods and drinks, and caffeine. These foods throw the hormones out of balance. Eat plenty of nutrient rich, high quality proteins. Make sure your meats have no added hormones or antibiotics. Add healthy fats like coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, grass fed butter, and avocados to your diet. Drink lots of water.

3.  Go green! Many of the chemicals in our environment, home, and food, can disrupt the hormones in our body. Get rid of toxic cleaners, personal care products and scented items in your home. Avoid storing food in plastic containers. Use glass or stainless steel. Bath...

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