November 7, 2016

You're not really sick, but yet you know you should feel better than you do. You're tired a lot, you get irritated and stressed easily, you're moody, you'd rather not be around people, and you rarely get a good night's sleep. You just don't feel your old self.

So, what's going on?

They are chemicals that are able to change our fat metabolism and encourage our body to retain fat leading to weight gain and obesity. Chemicals like BPA, MSG, PFOA, Phthalates, DDT, Clozapine, Butylparaben, Dioxins, Fructose, Nicotine, Atrazine, and many more may have toxic effects on the body. Unfortunately, we are often exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis, and they affect us in so many ways.

Begin to read labels on everything from the food you put in your mouth, to the products you put on your body, and the things that you bring in your home. The bottom line is that if you can't pronounce the ingredients, leave it on the shelf.

Exposures to these toxins have been linked to: Thyroid Dise...

November 6, 2016

Last Sunday, I talked about God being our Master Gardner as He helps us weed out the bad habits in our life. Another thing He does for us is to prune us and remove things that keep us from living a life that honors Him. I have a beautiful Knock-out rose bush in my front yard. When it's in bloom, it's a real show stopper. But, if I leave the dead blossoms on it, it can be quite unsightly and take away from its beauty.

Sometimes the things in our life that once had a place lose their original purpose, and it's time to let them go. They might even have been good things. It might be hobbies, certain entertainment, or even close friends. Maybe they're taking up too much of your time or they're causing your focus to be pulled in another direction that's not good for you. The pruning process may not feel good when it's happening, but the results are so worth it in the end.

The good news is that our Gardner is always loving, and He has a perfect design in mind for you and me. Give Him permis...

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