September 29, 2018

Our aging population has grown as new technology and advances in the medical field have increased people's lifespan. It isn't enough to just live longer. We should all want to live well.

One study showed that roughly 80% of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease, and 68% have two or more. Those are horrible statistics!!!

So, are there things that we can do now, so we can look forward to productive years to enjoy family and friends without taking a hand full of pills ever day?

Absolutely!!! Let's start with 7 things that you can implement right away that will boost your health, add vitality to your life, and maybe get you off some of your medications.

1.  Be social. It sounds simple enough, but loneliness is deadly. People need each other. Having social interaction gives you a reason to get up in the morning and go through your day. Solution: Get involved in a church, join a community club, stay aware of current events, or take or teach a class and keep learning....

September 22, 2018

There's a lot of buzz in the natural health industry about doing a detox. There's no question that it's an amazing way to cleanse your body of harmful toxins that are frequently found in our food, air, and water supply. It can also jumpstart weight loss, leave you with glowing skin, and improve your brain function.

Day spas offer ways to rejuvenate you from head to toe through the use of a sauna or various types of massage. 

You can also purchase powders, pills, and potions that promise to clean every cell, flush away stubborn waste, and leave you feeling years younger. However, many can leave you running to the bathroom nonstop.

Fall and spring are ideal times to do a full body detox, but there are easy ways to get rid of impurities, reduce inflammation, and chemicals that can lead to disease everyday.

1. Increase the amount of green plant food you eat. They are some of the most powerful foods with an abundant supply of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Because they are...

September 8, 2018

One of the best ways to stretch your budget and get fit is to eat most of your meals at home.

1. You can control the quality of ingredients that go into your food. By shopping for organic and non-GMO foods, you'll end up with a healthier, satisfying meal that your body will appreciate.

You get to choose high quality oils such as extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, or ghee (clarified butter).  Most restaurants use hydrogenated oils like canola, vegetable oil, shortening, and margarine which are not healthy. They also cook with much more salt than you'd use at home.

2. You will save money. Eating at home costs considerably less than eating out. You can cook a steak, twice baked potato, vegetables, and salad for what a specialty hamburger, fries, and a drink would cost at a medium-priced restaurant.

You'll also save on the gas, you won't pay taxes, or have to leave a tip!!!

Restaurants make a huge profit from beverage orders. Depending on the drink, you can...

September 1, 2018

We hear that expression a lot, and it sounds innocent enough. But, aside from murder, the definition of killing is eliminating or depriving. Considering how valuable time is, killing time is the last thing we want to do.

When we kill time, we deprive ourselves and others of the benefits of our God-given talents. We eliminate what could have been and miss the opportunities that open doors bring.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that we have to stay busy. Busyness has become our badge of honor as proof that we’re successful and in demand. We can equally use it to escape the things that are most important. Going from one task to the next without stopping doesn’t allow time to find out what we really should be doing.

We each have only been given 24 hours in a day, and we need to set time for the things that matter most.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:...” It goes on to talk about a time to be born, to  die, to pl...

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