December 6, 2017

I’m not a gadget girl, but there are a few kitchen items that are worth their weight in gold, and I use them on a regular basis. They each can be used in several ways, making them invaluable.

1.    Mr. Coffee – coffee grinder 

I don’t actually drink coffee, but it’s perfect for grinding flaxseeds, nuts, and some herbs. To get the most nutritional value, buy organic whole flaxseeds, and grind only as much as you’ll use in a few days. Refrigerate or freeze the rest. Sprinkle them generously in your smoothie, yogurt, granola, or on salads.

2. Mini Crock Pot

This is one of my absolute favorites because I use it practically every day. I put leftovers in the stainless steel container after dinner, refrigerate it, and take it to work in the morning. An hour before lunch, I plug it in. In no time I have a piping hot lunch.

3. Blendtec blender

My blender has a permanent place on my kitchen counter because I use it so often. I bought it several years ago since I was making smoothies every day. Bu...

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