February 10, 2018

Brain health is something that should concern everyone whether we’re 27 or 70. Years before any noticeable symptoms show up to cause us worry, there’s usually early signs going undetected.

Have you noticed how many memory centers and Alzheimer units are popping up nationwide?

Younger and younger adults are complaining about brain fog, forgetfulness, and lack of concentration.

On one hand, through advances in modern medicine, people are living longer than ever. However, what is the quality of life for this aged population?

No doubt, diet and lifestyle habits play a huge roll in how we age. The food we eat, our stress levels, relationships, and careers today will all affect how our body will hold up tomorrow.

It appears that genetics plays a much smaller roll than we previously thought. It could be said that genetics are the bullets in the gun, but our diet and lifestyle pull the trigger. Having someone in our family suffer from dementia doesn’t mean we’re doomed to the same fate. Our daily c...

January 13, 2018

More than just our skin gets dry in the winter.  Our sinuses dry out causing the mucus membranes to become a breeding ground for bacteria.  Unfortunately, so many people suffer from respiratory problems often sending them to the doctor for a prescription. 

As well as our joints drying out which leads to stiffness in our body, we can also have problems in the intestinal tract where 80% of the body’s immune system lives.  If it becomes overly dry, you may have issues with constipation, gas, and bloating ending up with increased levels of toxins in the body. 

It sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it?  Well, guess what?  You don’t need to take a pill, but you do need to think about the foods you’re eating.  We need to eat more warming foods that are high in protein and good and healthy fats to help get you through the cold, dry winter months.

Here are 5 foods that Dr. John Douillard, a physician who mixes Ancient wisdom and modern medicine, recommends:


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April 21, 2018

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